Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Never Ending Litany of the Mayhem of Money

I'm using this post as a means to link to two important articles this morning. The first concerns another environmental report about what greed, as well as war, is doing to 7 very prominent natural wonders of the world.

The second refers to a mini documentary that delves just a bit into the the coal ash spill that occurred on the Dan river in North Carolina on Feb. 2, 2014. In this case not only has Big Coal lobbying prevented the EPA from finalizing coal ash as a hazardous waste product, the campaign financing laws in North Carolina, which prohibited big money donations in judicial elections, were overturned in 2013. Now Big Coal can influence the selection of those who would rule over state law suits brought by those affected by this unbelievable pollution. Salt on the wound of the EPA being stymied as the state courts were left as the only recourse to seek remedy for those who don't have the power that vast accumulations of information allow.

As I have stated before, the beat down goes on. Money and greed render their own special kind of violence to the natural world, our lives, our spirit, and all of the things we ought to be aspiring to. We can make it stop but only if we recognize the fundamental truth that the current operating system is the primary impediment to change. It is what makes the money game possible in the first place, and only by demanding an alternative will we ever put an end, once and for all, to the violence of that game.

I urge you to give this serious thought. To think about what you can do to help spread this understanding, and promote the demand for change. We have to get the idea out and about, with people talking about it across a wide spectrum. Then we can start figuring out how we go about implementing that change.

7 natural wonders that humans could destroy within a generation

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