Monday, January 5, 2015

Main Stream Media's Fear of Suggesting the Obvious

Over and over again do we read and hear the litany of facts that describe the absurd relationship of power between ordinary working people and the financial elite (see the Daily Beast Link Below). And just about as often are we reminded of how every attempt to reform the organizational model we operate under, is either "DOA," mutated at birth, or corrupted from within its own regulatory operations (either by a lack of funding, or the surrogates of opposition who come in via the revolving door of lobbyists and regulators).

What is surprising in all of this is the glaring lack of courage in coming out of the ideological closet. I say this because what is obvious here is that the model we're using doesn't work any more. And it is as clearly so as anybody who might try to run today's applications on a current PC running, say, Windows  95. Al the while expecting Microsoft to work fixes on the old system; fixes that give us what we want (as opposed to what a certain former chairman and CEO wanted), as well as results that don't make things even worse.

The question is quite simple:  When is someone, preferably someone who stands on one of the higher pedestals of being heard, going to grow a pair and state this obvious fact, and the subsequent conclusion that must follow, that it is time to begin the debate on an alternative; what it should be and how we should implement it. Anybody with half a brain can see that it doesn't work now. Let's move on already.


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