Friday, March 24, 2017

You Would Think That The Mere Fact Of a Job...

...Would not preclude one from weighing both its benefits, and its problems. This is not the case, of course, when leaders across the political spectrum tout jobs as an end in themselves justification wise; with any further consideration of trade off's not discussed much. But that's what happens we we allow ourselves to be sucked into a negative pressure environment where we're made so desperate to have any job at all, we don't want to make too many waves.

When you see an article like the one linked below from Digg about a big bunch of down side resulting from a new employment source it's so depressing. Depressing not only because of the human suffering involved, but also because you know that this side of things will never get the up front publicity that just having a new job source creates.

The most important thing to remember here, however, is that this is our fault. It is our fault because we allow it to continue. We have allowed the negative pressure environment where jobs are structurally set up now to go where the wages are the most cost effective. And, unfortunately, it's not just the wages themselves that get put into the cost effective equation. No, they also add things like the regulatory environment. The tax environment. And anything else that might make it possible for us to have a fighting chance to keep a job being more of a benefit than life crushing problem. Or of life in general to be more beneficial, and not so generally filled with life crushing problems.

So. Something else for you to think about. Something else for you to draw your own conclusions on. Hopefully, at some point, you will take peaceful action.

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