Saturday, March 4, 2017

Another "No Shit Sherlock" moment

The story linked below, on the study done about what not having a decent paying, manufacturing job, can do to a person's ability to form relationships, prompted this response:

What am I making
when I make something
of value
and am
given something
of value in return?
Is it really
the product of machines?
Or is it something
actually made in me
that lets me know
I matter.

How can I make
any contribution
to a relationship
if I can't make
a me that matters
in the first place?

A me that matters
just knows he can
belong, because he creates
his own justification
for being known, and recognized
as a worthy contributor
in helping the rest
of the community make it work
for the company of others
to keep working as well
and a community that can share
in making their own sense
of value and significance.

Take that away and
it doesn't matter
what you make of work
if you won't recognize
what we need to make
of value in ourselves.

When Factory Jobs Vanish, Men Become Less Desirable Partners

Declines in manufacturing employment are shaping the structure of the American family.