Monday, March 6, 2017

A Related Problem For Liberals And Progressives

The article linked below about where Liberalism, or Progressivism, is going to go now that the Democratic Party is in such disarray (only five new power centers forming now?), illustrates something quite related to the post just put out on Elon Musk.

Just as Dreamers do not belong with the algorithm combination that is Capitalism, and markets, people who would champion a truly working folks kind of politics do not belong either. What they have always professed to be about, either in part or in whole, in taming the uglier aspects of that combo, is simply not achievable. Perhaps it might have been before things got too mutated under the effects of electrified experience retrieval, but that hardly matters now. Technological change has done its work and that cannot be undone as far as Capitalism is concerned. The rot has metastasized far too thoroughly throughout the fabric of it all. We simply must start over. Impossibly hard though that might seem. And just as I hope bright people like Mr. Musk will come to see this, others like him in politics will do the same.

My alternative may not be exactly right, but it is going to have to be something completely new. That's just the way it is. Everybody ignores this at their peril.

Five New Power Centers: A Guide to the Fractured Democrats

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