Saturday, March 25, 2017

One Legacy Commodity Made So Complex...

...Over time that it's still undecided whether scheming was going on or not in the distribution of net gain. But if something can be hidden in terms of milking others out of their fair share, according to Murphy's Law the scheming will occur eventually. And this was supposed to be a cooperative.

This ought to be cause to ask yourself: Where else would a word like "cooperative" be turned into an oxymoron other than in Capitalism. And how could it be otherwise when the desire to try and provide protections from one group gouging another, in whatever market power play you might want to prevent exploitation of, ends up collecting a huge detritus of accumulated rules, even as the markets themselves have morphed many times over since the first of them were introduced.

And, of course, the markets are only morphing faster now.

In all of this, unfortunately, is the fact that, at every turn, do you encounter the reality that every group involved is simply protecting what is their livelihoods. And if part of that is the result of a little extra milking going on, would you have resisted the temptation to get a little extra cushion if you could? In these uncertain times?

Maybe you would have, at least for a while. Until somebody else's scheming, somewhere else in the economy costs you big time. And in that context wouldn't you be a fool not to take an advantage if it was presented?

Just some more things to think about as you ponder you life in this polly glot of crazy we call an economy.

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