Friday, March 10, 2017

It's Called Being Proactive...

...Taking action to anticipate, and/or head off, bad outcomes. And having people in any organization that are pro active can be an unbelievably big plus.

The interesting thing here is that, a lot of time, the actions one sees that should be taken, when one looks from this viewpoint, are actions that are really no more than "no shit Sherlock" kinds of realizations, when subsequently viewed from hindsight.

The difference comes from nothing more than the discipline to ask basic "what could hurt us here," or "what will we likely need" that hasn't been recognized yet, kinds of questions before a particular strategy is carried out. As such, the discoveries are seldom the kind that take a quantum physicist to figure out. They are, instead, usually simple things that nobody took the time to consider ahead of time; usually because either everybody's so caught up in the specifics of their own area of responsibility, for the strategy, they don't have a chance to ask simpler, big picture questions; or they just don't care that much about anything beyond their specific responsibilities, for a lot of different reasons.

I mention this now because an instructive juxtaposition of events has occurred: The absolutely disastrous introduction of the Republican Affordable Care Act replacement, and the questions now surrounding the equally disastrous raid in Yemen that got one of Spec Ops people killed, a bunch of others wounded, and a number of civilians killed on the ground (in what one assumes to be collateral damage).

What we see in these two events are stark examples of the lack of Proactive behavior (Mr. Kistrol in particular here gives an exacting outline of the basic proactives missed in getting a new, a very controversial, piece of legislation ready for passage). A kind of vacuum of proactive behavior, in fact, if one considers the normal atmosphere for such things in a Presidential administration. The kind of thing that, when you have the fate of the nation in your hands, as well as a high probability for holding same for the rest of the world, kind of gets baked into the public service types who most often work for administrations. The very thing we see so very little of now that the terrible Mr. T has taken office. The thing you have to wonder that, even if the terrible Mr. T actually understood the concept, would he have any ability to instill it, let alone manage it reliably, given the group of sycophants he surrounds himself with?

Just one more thing to consider when you contemplate how long we can allow this "Reality TV Show" to continue.

And of course the reason there aren't so many "baked in" proactives in the new administration as a whole is because so many of them are being, or have been, fired. And even that may be just another, on going, aspect of the operation that simply started with interfering with our elections.

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