Monday, March 27, 2017

Forget About The Family Behind This Monstrosity Of A Building

Just focus on the money, and the system that has made money, so destructively prominent in our lives.

It is simply time to start considering another way to go about things. Plain and simple really.

We can figure out a better way to allocate work, and the product of work, fairly. We can do this if we resolve to be directly involved at all levels of the planning, the implementation, and the operation. We just have to acknowledge the need, and then accept the difficulty, and sacrifice, to get it done.

If you don't it won't matter if you do something about one family in power now. There will always be more families, or individuals, who will do whatever it takes to put the same kind of power into their hands. And as long as you have a money oriented form of economic operations, you will be much more vulnerable to the abuses of power these kinds of people will always gravitate to.

The choice is yours. And if ever there was a moment ripe for taking hold of fundamental change, this is it. There likely won't be another.

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