Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Thing About Not Getting The Important Things You Need...

...In a Commercialized Society is that it automatically creates a market where someone can dream up what they think will be an irresistible substitute. And with money being an amazing stimulator for creativity, unfortunately, you can also assume that many of these will quite certainly be at, or at least near, irresistibility.

Lots of clever effects blended into reality in real time are, I think everyone will agree, likely to be irresistible indeed. As to actually giving you what you need? To be honest, quite possible as well, at least occasionally.

As I've often said, experience is experience, so no one experience matrix is going to be either better than, or worse than, another; just different. The key thing to remember, however, is that, having said that still doesn't change the fact that each matrix may well have something that the other does not have. And by that I mean some aspect. Some component. Something that channels affect the other does not channel, or channels quite differently. From this one can have at least some confidence in concluding that utilizing one matrix, at the exclusion of the other, may prevent one from getting a channel effect one might not have even realized was important, until of course it is taken away.

And that is only the first part of what makes this complicated.

With people doing this as a matter of commoditization you are, in effect, allowing the profit motive to determine who has a major control over not only what you try to connect to, or with, in your life, but also to how you do the connecting. And the more high fidelity it gets, the more deeply into your very nervous system you are going to have to let them make direct link to.

You think you worry about cookies being left on your hard drive now? About malicious code getting into system boot files, so it resides is system ram at bootup? What about what might be left on the wet drive in the future?

So not only could we be entering a new realm of hacking (the image gets quite a bit more vivid when considered as an aspect of your own wetware, doesn't it), but we could also be entering a realm where we space out so much in one experience matrix (which might have only imaginary space in it), that we stop getting an important resonant vibe, of one form or another, for still being human.

Consider this. Let us suppose that we have an interface fused into us somehow that allows experience in a completely artificial, digitized, reality. Let us then consider a similar set of interactions that one might have in Artificio Land, as opposed to not being there. Say giving someone a hug. Having a dog or cat you love in your lap as you pet them. Touching the face of someone you love. Etc.

Even if they could figure out electrically stimulated equivalents to the right synaptic bundles to re stimulate the sensory effect any physical world situation might present us with, no engineered instrumentality is perfect. Some aspect of all of the information of actual physical experience will be left out. That's just the way it is. And because we're talking about complex systems all the way around here, you have to keep in mind that "small inputs can have very large effects."

This is where you are almost forced to resort to cliche terms of fantasy and fiction to keep talking about something that may well be there, but we just don't understand the particulars of yet. So yes, even when Obi Wan tells a certain young Jedi "Luke, use the force," something of substance may lay behind it. After all, we all understand now that magic, and "sufficiently advanced technology" can be used interchangeably, at least some of the time.

Life force of some sort? Something still tantalizingly beyond reach to actual measure perhaps, but still there nonetheless? Something that, just by being around, and in it (as well as of it), let alone holding it tenderly, or caressing it in some way, might impart a basic carrier wave inherent in the reality (which is just a particular vector of experience association)? Something that we might not be able to completely detach ourselves from, but for which a minimum of connection to is vital; and perhaps not only the actual connection itself, but our acknowledgement of that connection, and creative expression of appreciation for same, being just as vital.

I also don't like things like this being commercialize because it makes it too easy for the quick buck, biggest profit pirates among us to take short cuts, or cut corners in general. Which is a big reason why they use all of our base instincts now to sell us stuff. Lust. Envy. Gluttony. Rage. Fear. Does any of that sound familiar? You think the results are a bit more than problematic now? Just wait till they get the new playground of a greater and greater, direct link, to our minds.

Oh happy days.

Please think about these things carefully. This may well be where we're going. Do we really want to continue down that path, with the same amount of control we have on what goes on around us now? I personally don't think so. What do you think?

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