Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Money Madness of the Clintons

I have never been a fan of either Bill, or Hillary, Clinton. In my mind Bill's gutting banking regulation in the 90's, as well as pulling the stopper out of keeping jobs here with the open trade treaties he championed, has been one of the biggest factors in the decline of the middle class in this country. When you add that to Hillary's unbelievable lack of judgment with her emails, as well as this penchant they both have for combining philanthropy with feathering their own bed, as we now see with further leaked emails, it's hard not to have a real bad taste in your mouth now (see here, and here) for voting for Hillary for president.

That being said, I still voted for her. I did that because the bottom line here is that, bad as she is, she is still a better choice than that egotistical sociopath who destroyed the Republican party.

The real problem here is that the corruption of money has so woven itself into the fabric of our main social institutions as to be inseparable now. A symbiotic intermingling that makes both dependant on the other. As such the only way we will ever have true reform is to recognize that the economic operating system itself is just no longer capable of allowing humans to live with any kind of balance; balance either between the needs of individuals, with the needs of society as a whole; or the balance between our footprint on this planet, and keeping it a viable ecological system.

Voting for Hillary now is simply an unfortunately necessary expedient. Whatever self serving, and/or incompetent tendencies she may have, she is better than putting a madman in a position of power. The possibility of being able to continue to work constructively towards getting people to understand the need for truly fundamental change is served infinitely better with her than with him. It's just that simple. However much she's earned your distrust, or animosity, voting for her is the only rational choice.

Clinton responds to FBI email announcement

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