Friday, October 14, 2016

Where Doesn't He See Dark Conspiracies?

Trump Sees Dark 'Conspiracy' Behind Female Accusers

Every shadow, and every bump in the night is a conspiracy boogie man for him. That would be bad enough for someone who supposedly aspires to the White House. He takes his paranoid delusionalism out beyond all aspects of what holds a civil society together. And, unfortunately, his pandering to the ignorance and fears of a significant proportion of us allows him to weave a pied pipers orchestration of half truths, outright lies, and a sociopath's gift of fronting it all without any guilt or sense of self doubt.

Every criticism, every act of catching him out in a lie becomes a conspiracy of evil doers acting against him. And if this were only him going his merry way through the business world, and the realms of celebrity, people would be hurt, but the damage would still be limited. Limiting himself, no matter how much damage he does, is just not his style though. Another aspect of a sociopath who just wants and doesn't care about consequences.

The thing is, when you push such delusional machinations into the fabric of our social institutions you spread a kind of doubt and exacerbated paranoia that weakens them dangerously close to failure. And so now we have that same doubt and paranoia calling our criminal justice system into question because anybody saying he broke the law is a conspiracy against him. That same doubt and paranoia feeding into the three pillars of our checks and balances form of government if any part of it calls him out on his lies. And perhaps worst of all that same doubt and paranoia feeding into our faith in democracy itself as even voting, if it doesn't go his way, can't be anything other than a conspiracy.

I can understand that there may be parts of his rhetoric that speak to what you think might be wrong with this country. I can also understand that you might work to advocate the issues underlying those deficiencies, as well as the solutions you might see as addressing them. More power to you if you organize folks who see things the same way. More power to you if you support what you believe is wrong with incontrovertible facts. You present those facts. You work within the system and you try to get people to understand your take on an issue. This is what climate change people have done and we now have laws and real policies in place (weak or insufficient though they may be) to address the causes of climate change. What I don't understand, however, is continuing to support someone who makes a habit of jumping from one issue of convenience to another, often taking stands that our in direct opposition to each other, and who never ever speaks with any kind of knowledgeable authority. Or even speaks to demonstrate he has any kind of real grasp on what he is supposedly talking about.

The bottom line here is this: The one thing you do not do, if you suffer setbacks, or come up against opposition, is to start claiming that "dark forces" are to blame for your failures. You don't do that because you risk turning the very system you want to utilize to bring about change into nothing more than an ongoing riot of rage and violence. A riot where no one is listening anymore and everyone has a fist in someone's face, or both hands on another's throat. If you truly believe in what you feel is true then you keep faith with what we have for mediating competing perceptions and priorities (flawed though it may be), and simply keep trying to get your fellow citizens to understand your truth.

Donald Trump Imagines Shadowy 'Conspiracy' Behind Women Accusing Him of Misdeeds