Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Stupidity Finally Has It's Own Party

The essence of that new party is what's now pouring out of the boil that was once the Republican Party. The boil that has been lanced by the pointed vulgarity, delusionalism and premeditated disregard for the truth that marks every aspect of Donald Trump's campaign for the presidency. What will become of the traumatized base from which this boil rose from is anybody's guess.

What other conclusion can one take when the core of his Trump Chump Brigades scoff at what is an essential aspect of this man's character, quite apart from the automatic tendency to lie, or spout from a mouth that has little connection to a mind that can weigh actual facts, and take careful consideration of complex issues. They say this predatory behavior is just a distraction from the real issues, which is ironic when Trump frames these within the lies his motor mouth pews, and which they swallow hook, line and sinker. Something that wouldn't be happening if these people took the time to actually inform themselves (you know, the process where you read books and articles from respected scholars and research institutions, as opposed to just listening to Fox News, Ann Coulter, or Alex Jones).

As has been made obvious now, the behavior on the tape made back in 05 is most certainly not some past aberration, or anomaly. This sexual predator, the one who is running for office now, and not the philanderer who was president when Hillary was first lady, has shown this behavior consistently well past that previous smoking gun incident. And we would have even more substantive proof of this if NBC would grow a pair and do an independant review of all of the Trump recordings they have possession of.

That kind of behavior matters as a serious character flaw just as they tried to maintain it did when Bill got a blow job in the White House, and then later lied about it. Just as it matters that Trump thinks he can dictate the placement of those who disagree with him into whatever kind of incarceration that sick imagination of his can conjure up. Just as it matters that he thinks a current dictator in Russia is a better role model for a leader than the man about to leave office as president.

As for a name of this new party one can only ponder with a great deal of misgiving and concern for the future. The "Know Nothings" would certainly be a start, but hardly even close to the real mark. Perhaps the "Bent And Ready" party might come close. I'm sure it would appeal to the Donald as it would certainly appeal to his world view that everybody should be happy to receive whatever he pumps out.

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