Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Now That Trump Is The Undisputed Leader...

...Of the Stupid Party (or the Bent and Ready party from the perspective of the rank and file; they are going to take it in the seat of their intelligence one way or another) one wonders what the B & R people think he's going to be able to accomplish if he does win. Just think about this for a moment:

You think the atmosphere in Congress is toxic now? Just wait to see what happens if he's the one trying to propose legislation. How can you trash most of both sides of the old political divide and expect much of anybody wanting to support your agenda? Even supposing he can come up with an agenda that comes even anywhere close to making sense. And can you imagine the kind of threats that will start coming out of the White House when he doesn't get his way? Do you think he'll limit himself to threatening jail time to just Hillary? Do you think he'll be able to resist the temptation to push "executive orders" well into the realms of pure dictatorial fantasy? And will he then start threatening jail for the Supreme Court as well when they resist?

It will certainly be no picnic forging any kind of Congressional consensus if Hillary wins, but if that madman wins we'll be entering a legislative Twilight Zone nobody's prepared for now. Do you think that is going encourage or help our allies much? Or discourage or thwart our enemies? Our standing in the world as a reasonable actor for global stability might not exactly be pure gold right now but it would have no direction to go but down if this self indulgent bully is put in charge of policy. If that comes to pass even atheists might start praying.

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