Thursday, October 20, 2016

Telephones, And All Other Techno Gadgets Are Exploding In A Far More Fundamental Way

As actually dangerous as an exploding Note 7 phone is there is a far more damaging explosion going on in slow motion. That is the growth of E-Waste as our penchant for going gaga on gadgets accelerates.

The pictures in the linked article below paint a disturbing image of the back end of the flow of new electronic products into the market place. And the fact that a lot of this might be taking place in China shouldn't be any cause for complacency because that's not the only location for which this is occurring (see here, and here). And in case you have been paying attention, poison dumped in one part of the world all too often migrates to the rest of it, either by the oceans, or by the atmosphere; which shouldn't, of course, distract us from the immediate immorality of dumping poison on humans anywhere.

You need also only consider the further carbon costs we burden the planet with in moving these toxic mountains to places too poor to demand it stop. An especially egregious situation as we already paid a similar carbon cost in shipping the gadgets to us in the first place (with all of that ridiculous packaging). Something else to think about as we approach a holiday shopping season where a whopping $800 billion may well be spent.

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