Wednesday, August 24, 2016

For Profit Education and the Gutting of Public Responsibility

When viewed from the lens of not only for profit colleges, but charter schools for K-12 education, letting the the insatiable thirst for profit insinuate itself into something that is an essential public good, is just one of the more ugly aspects of Capitalism at work. And of course, we see the spillover of this sort of thing in for profit prisons, fire departments, and policing. It shouldn't surprise us then that the real bottom line for this abdication of public responsibility is the usual corner cutting, rule flaunting, and deliver the best minimum you can get away with, with the least expense, mentality that usually benefits the service provider a great deal more than the customer.

That Hillary Clinton would make this one of her campaign talking points (only in the sense of addressing how students might more easily pay for questionable educational services), while she and her husband have been reaping in amazing sums from a major education service provider, is hypocrisy writ large. Kind of like the post I did awhile back on her claiming that she would take money out of politics. 

In all of this do we see ample expression that the Clintons are the poster children for the Democratic party as "Republican Light;" which, now that the Republicans have moved so far to the right, is really not sparing the Dems much in the way of criticism any more. And so we are reminded of just how distasteful even contemplating voting for her is. That being said, however, the fact remains that voting for the other guy is still far more worse. A fact that, in my mind, ought to really bring home to everyone just how fucked up American politics has become (however inconceivable nobody noticing that may be at this point).

It will come as no surprise to you that, for me, the majority share of the responsibility for this lays directly at the feet of an economic operating system whose demand for profit has become a cancer all its own. A cancer that eats into every aspect of our lives, killing more and more of the connective social tissue that a society needs in order to be a working, healthy whole.

Hillary Blasts For-Profit Colleges, but Bill Took Millions From One

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