Friday, August 5, 2016

A Good Start For an Industrial/Tourist Park on the Moon

The moon, in my mind, is an absolutely essential stepping stone for further intra solar system development, and this announcement is encouraging.

I would hope, however, that we don't see this just as another avenue to make more money. We also need to see here the opportunity to make this an important area of cooperative development, as opposed to another frenetic competitive race against other nations. The thing is, if we emphasize the idea that ordinary folks from all over the globe need to be able to benefit here, we plant the foundation for moving forward where getting strategic advantages are not what this should be about. A starting point where as many as possible will be guaranteed a piece of the pie, as well as a way to give all nations a chance to keep an eye on each other so that keeping this effort as demilitarized as possible has more than a snowball's chance in hell to survive.

If we take the same selfishness, or fears, or prejudice, with us, that has ruled us so far, as we start stepping off the planet we will be creating nothing more than a new theatre of war to dwarf all previous notions of what is possible for carnage and destruction. This would be a sacrilege to not only ordinary morality, but to the spirit of curiosity, discovery, and the human capacity for wonder.

We don't need to love or like each other, we just need to cooperate on the simple basis of enlightened self interest. We need to cooperate enough so that we can realize the potential of resources that are out there; so much that the economics of scarcity and deprivation can be left in the dust of our tribal beginnings. For you see that our solar system is but a portal to the rest of our galaxy; where every creed, religion or political system can go it's own way, without end. And the really odd thing here is that leap of mind and imagination to do this is far greater than the gravity wells or distances involved that stand before us. If we can only see our way past the fear, suspicion and hatred that clouds our minds now.

Think about it. Talk about it. Make it a priority in what you demand of those who govern you.

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