Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Another Indication of How the Efficacy of Investment Matters

In the article linked below we see yet again how there is a social cost to Investment decisions. Just as whether particular Investment paths have greater, or lesser, job creation possibilities, other investment decisions can isolate whole groups of people in self perpetuating disadvantage. And yet the social charge to profit related to investments of poor efficacy bear absolutely no corresponding relationship; where, in fact, especially with real estate investments, there can be unconscionable incentives to continue, or increase, such poor efficacy investments.

The bottom line here is that there are costs to profit that go far beyond the cost of borrowing, or the cost of labor. And yet how little is it paid attention to when considered in comparison to the productivity to labor?

But then that is just the cold facts relationships of capital that Capitalism forces upon us. And in that incessant emphasis on ledger book thinking, perhaps, is the real immorality of continuing with such a system. The disconnect from real human need, and suffering that such thinking allows, which puts the pain, and debasement, that such isolated groups must endure, to be easily objectified as either the unfortunate consequences of economic growth, or, even more coldly, the poor choices of those who don't do whatever it takes to work their way out of such disadvantage, thus becoming as inhuman as the system itself (stepping on whatever needs to be stepped on, and ignoring whatever needs to be ignored).

The really sad thing in all of this is that we now have a real, and viable, choice in how we go about the process of creating, and distributing, material need, and wellbeing. It need no longer be based on the segmentation and objectification of the factory, with the grinding gears of same greased by the controlled flow of said abstract counters. With the right blend of applied technology, and our own direct participation, we can organize things so that it would be the effort involved to get things done, rather than the counters, and who would provide them, that would be our major consideration.

This is possible. Quite difficult certainly, but still quite possible. We first, however, must recognize that the need for change is absolutely necessary.

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