Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Collateral Damage of Political Cowardice, As Well as Willful Ignorance

As the article linked below indicates, the question now about Trump falls not to him but to the party that spawned him, and the chumps who still support him: How much uglier, or outright vile, must his actions be before the majority of them open they eyes, see the truth, and act accordingly. Will it indeed be the bloody act of some singular, or collected, individuals? An act that we shouldn't limit to just the killing of one person. He's whipped them up into a hate charge tsunami of irrational need to lash out after all. And given them more than one delusional scapegoat to take it out on. And if that wave comes to manifest itself, how will we deal with the resultant chain reaction of chaos it will create? Will that chaos even allow a hint of a chance to mete out responsibility after the fact? It's almost too scary to even contemplate at all (the Democrats with no candidate only a few weeks before the election? Or mobs going after a few and only creating further mobs in reaction?)

The fact that Clinton, as a candidate, may be no great prize shouldn't dissuade us. Her unbelievable lack of discipline regarding emails within the process of governing deserves criticism. But that being said, she is still a person of responsibility and reasonable judgement whether you agree with her policies or not. She is also a loving mother. To put her into the crosshairs of hate in the manner that Mr. Trump has is as unconscionable as it is immoral. And then to do the same to groups of people he has no clue about, let alone the inclination to better understand, is no more than to start yelling fire in a crowded room for nothing more than personal gain. One has little left then but to wonder if this is indeed the marks of a true psychopath.

If you don't disown this aberration with outright, and unequivocal, condemnation, and work thereafter to remove him from the position you have put him in then, whatever bloody folly that may come, the stains will be indelibly on your hands.

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