Saturday, May 23, 2015

Poor people as a growth demographic, and how to cash in on it

The following post was prompted by a Guardian video on YouTube, which I found through Digg, and is linked below.

The crass, unapologetic, display of blatant usury shown here is just depressing as hell. You will know what I mean when the video gets to the 3:40 time mark.

The guy featured in this video is Frank Rolfe. He has set himself up, after making a lot of money running trailer parks for the poor, or legally out cast, as the dean of Mobile Home University; a $2K a seat training seminar on how anybody can do what he, and a bunch of other Billionaires, have done to those who, as Mr. Rolfe puts it (paraphrasing), are easy marks for rent hikes.

And thus we have another example of just how low it can go.

Trailer park millionaires