Wednesday, May 27, 2015

One of "Big Money's" store fronts

The following post was prompted by the Center For Public Integrity article linked below.

The interesting thing about store fronts like this is that hardly anyone who makes use of its services ever actually goes there. You could be media ambushed, or protested publicly, if you actually went there. Even if your money didn't actually excuse you from having to make personal appearances much of anywhere (or to be held personally responsible).

No, this is a physical place only for the necessity of having an address, and to apply a legally applicable reference point for some of your filings.

And just because this particular one represents so called "conservative" economic and religious concerns, don't be fooled into thinking so called "Liberals" don't have them as well. A Liberal is simply a diluted conservative who wants to keep most of money's benefits while keeping their conscience at bay with a mix of contributions, and lip service, to social concerns.

It is, for me at least, an interesting contrast to see such a benign little edifice from which so much translative power can, in a sense, flow through. But then again, a low profile, and as much subtlety as possible, are what keep the hands on the levers of power both anonymous and wreathed in velvet.

Meet the 'dark money' phantom