Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Humanity's future requires only the will and effort of people with a shared vision

The following post was prompted by the New Yorker article linked below.

It never ceases to amaze me how the depths of arrogance can plumb so deep as that of the the successful entrepreneur. One has to wonder how the ability to make money automatically equates with the idea of some kind of sage wisdom as to where, and how, humanity should proceed through time.

One could certainly understand that any such "capitalized" future would look quite enticing to the significant holder of said "capital." But as to its additional appeal to the rest of us a great deal of skepticism ought to be in place. After all, even if we assume an Elon Musk kind of altruism, a "capitalized" future is one subject to the insane vagaries of the market at the very least. Going down that path might be all well and good, as with commercial space development might seem now, but just wait till the next destabilizing event occurs. And lest there be any mistake, not only does an abused planet guarantee an ever increasing rate of such events, the electrically mutated economic model that makes "capitalizing" possible in the first place has its own new penchant for exactly the same effect. And that hardly even begins to suggest what will happen as the former interacts with the latter.

Live by the market, die by the market. If that's your idea of a bright future you are, in my humble opinion, an idiot.

At his firm, Andreessen Horowitz, the venture capitalist routinely lays out “what will happen in the next ten, twenty, thirty years.”


And the ability to cooperate. Remember, we don't have to like our neighbors, we just have to find a way to work together, for the sake of humanity as a whole

Three Cooperative Ladies Share A Classical Guitar