Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A fundamental axiom for why we need to start moving off planet ASAP

The following post was prompted by the Digg reader reprint, linked below, of a The Conversation article.

Building more of a needed thing that results, ultimately, in needing even more of it again, further down the road. Be it freeways, power, water, food, or whatever else.

And yet we remain with feet planted firmly on a planet that can only tolerate so much in the sense of flows of all of the things we depend on to keep us going. And no matter how clever we become with our engineering, those flows will inevitably hit absolute limits if we want the planet to remain habitable to even a limited set of biodiversity.

In this there needs to be a shift in perception as to just how critical a priority this needs to be. Even more than terrorists, or supposed enemy nations, or the continued pursuit of profit. This is the survival of our species, as well as anything even remotely resembling a viable, living planet.

Wake up. All of you. This train wreck waiting to happen is gathering speed. We are running out of time rapidly.

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