Tuesday, May 12, 2015

More evidence that we have lost our way

The following post was prompted by the Aljazeera America article linked below.

As if it were really needed, what we see here is yet another indication that we are not right with ourselves. It is certainly complex, and not simply economic injustice, or the inequality of outcomes, but only a fool would think that these are not quite significant contributors.

The economics of scarcity, the inherent tendency of our current economic model to allow for the concentration of power, coupled with its inability to fairly prioritize value in a larger context of social cohesion and, most importantly, empathy and the ability to nurture, make the current economic model a hot house to incubate everything virulent and destructive.

I ask myself repeatedly how the intellectual elites of this nation can stand by and not denounce this cruel system once and for all for what it has become. And then to also take the next logical step of demanding that the nation as a whole begin the process of figuring out what the alternative should be, and how we go about putting it into place. The shame that should be in place here for the absence of this action is as stark as that for those who participate directly in these kinds of acts of horrific cruelty.

US cited for police violence, racism in scathing UN review on human rights