Thursday, May 28, 2015

Helping them help the rest of us

The following post was prompted by the Guardian article linked below.

When you talk about India, and its desire to become a fully developed nation, you are really talking about all of the under developed nations. All of them share this desire to move themselves out of the dark ages in terms of the living conditions their lack of modern infrastructure leaves them in currently. And what could be a more human desire than that.

This is why the already developed nations must take the lead in creating the new pathways to becoming a fully developed nation. Pathways that would obviate the reliance of such carbon heavy fuels as coal.
And what better way to do that than launching the worlds first global public power utility.

This has always been my dream when I was thinking of how to truly integrate a sea based, Tornado Turbine powered, hydrogen fuel stream into the world economy. And it is only the Western World that can lead the way on this.

We must make the resource allocations necessary to make this stream infrastructure a reality. And by that I mean an across the board approach to how the platforms are created, with the right materials used (as in hemp as a new world cash crop), as well as in how we distribute it, and the innovative ways we make it affordable to those with least ability to pay for it.

If we truly believe in making things right with the planet's ecosystem this is the only equitable way to go about it that I can think of.

Nigahi coal mine, India's largest open cast mine, operated by NCL (Northern Coalfields Limited) in Singrauli.

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