Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Would Taking Money Out of How we Organize our Social Operating System Eliminate Corruption?

Not very likely.

If for no other reason than selfish aggrandizement has been a part of what many millennium of living with deprivation has weakened us with as a species. Just as with the lust for power, or pretty much the lust for anything in excess I guess. In all of that history of fighting over scarcity, listening to our better angels has not been exactly easy; especially when one can see that not listening can have a pretty good return probability in the whole risk to benefit equation.

One could argue, however, that making good on that elimination, within the context of an integrated approach to taking advantage of direct representation, automation, and the free flow of information, would have a good chance of limiting not only the incentives a scarcity derived, money oriented system, creates in regards to corruption, but also of making it a great deal more difficult.

Attainment, and equity for the many, in balance with the same for the individual, presupposes a social environment that will seek to move us away from the mentality of deprivation, and zero sum interactions; especially as we use cooperation to get us off the planet in a much more fundamentally significant way than the commercial ethos would have it. Initiating this journey, however will certainly not be easy, any more than growing out of the mind set of fear, that our history of scarcity has so far bequeathed to us, will happen any time soon.

It just seems to me that we have to start somewhere in seeking to be better, both as individuals, and as social groups. And to do that, as any dependency recovery program will tell you, you usually need to change the way you've been living in a big way. With the way we've all been so dependent on money, and the time factor involved, you can see that the change in the way we live will need to be commensurately large as well.

Those involved in dependency treatment also say that a person usually has to hit rock bottom before they are ready to accept the fundamental change getting better will require. I still hope that the hits we're taking now, as things continue to fall apart, will allow us to act before a social rock bottom is reached. It would only take a majority of us to see what is eventually coming and skip ahead to getting started on the recovery you know. And it would save on a lot of extra hardship to boot. We just all need to start thinking seriously about this because that rocky bottom is coming up fast.

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