Monday, May 9, 2016

Just Breath Taking Stupidity

You really have to take a step back and wonder at the lack of thought, or consideration, about the full consequences of his actions here. He bullies his way forward, so full of his own sense of "brand" power that all opposition will fall before him. And, just as he had no clue about what would happen because of his ignorance of his own party's caucus rules, and had Cruz kick his ass for it in several contests, when he enters the White House, should he win the election, what do you suppose will become of any legislation he might propose.

It would be bad enough, certainly, to face the usual Republican, Democrat wall of intransigent compromise, but to come into that legislative fray with neither party willing to work with you? To create, in effect, a third tangent of disagreement?

What is really sad here, however, is the fact that the people voting for him now take even less time to think about what they are doing, and the consequences of their actions. And all because they bought into an empty package of tough talk, bluster, and easy pandering to the anger that permeates through this country right now. I've seen buyer's remorse before following an election but what's coming here, if this idiot wins, is going to be virtually nothing in comparison. Everyone will be pointing fingers. No one will be taking responsibility, and the anger will just get worse.

So much to look forward to.

Donald Trump to GOP: We don’t need to be unified

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Mr. Trump’s warning was his latest affront to Republicans who have urged him to adopt a more cooperative and unifying tone. And it amounted to an extraordinary escalation in tensions between the party’s presumptive nominee and its highest-ranking officeholder.

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