Monday, May 16, 2016

Trump Says He isn't Stupid...

...And says very little after that to back it up. And why should he when he has a brand to do all the substantive talking for him. A brand that is probably the only really successful investment he has ever made. Any more than he has to back up claims of being a "uniter."

In point of fact, all he's really saying here is that "I'm a successful celebrity." And because of that success you can have confidence in my "confidence" game. "You can trust in the fact that I can sell anything. After all, I've sold you on being presidential haven't I? How hard can it be selling anybody else on anything I want them to buy?"

And in this it may well not be stupidity so much, that is foremost in his personality, as it is a complete and abiding delusional-ism. And in this as well we must come to modify the archetype "I think therefore I am," into "I am famous therefore I matter," where, of course, to matter means you have every justification worth mentioning to weigh in wherever you want to.

Be that as it may, one could argue that the real stupidity here lies with those who have bought this pig in a poke simply because they admire the bag so much, and how well it was crafted. But however true that assessment might be, it would also be incomplete. And this would be so because the man's delusional-ism is abetted not only by those who have bought into the brand, but by those already in various positions of power who think it pragmatic to pretend to do so. Those people in his own party especially who act as enablers mostly because they are so lacking in integrity, or honor, to risk their own positions of power to call that packaged pork what it really is, but with actions, as well as words. And they do this because they think they can hang on until this bit of madness passes, whereupon more informed minds can then retake control.

The problem in that strategy is the same shortsightedness related to the strategy implemented upon the public that made aberrations like this possible in the first place; that strategy of denying facts, questioning the validity of government, and opposing opposition on the basis of absolute religious, or cultural purity, without any consideration of compromise. It certainly made it easy to frame your enemies however darkly you desired, and to raise passions unquestioningly in your favor, but it also forged a key to opening a door not so easily shut. A door to let the crazies out of their own asylums of perceived social inappropriateness. And now that that door is open, and crazy levers of public manipulation been made acceptable, the deluded are empowered and rising up. Enabling one is going to make not enabling even more ever more difficult.

One can only wonder if the enablers will realize this before its too late.

Or maybe it's already too late.

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