Monday, May 23, 2016

Modularization is Another Key to How We Can Make Our Own Stuff

As I have been advocating getting rid of how we presently organize the production and distribution of all things we need, I am always looking for another example of how it can be made possible. And, ironically, it is the present system that continues to show the way; effectively innovating itself out of being relevant any more.

Case in point: Google's new modular cell phone.

I mention this now certainly not because going modular is anything new, but to merely remind you that with modularization we can balance automation with personal involvement in creating the many things we need. In that balance, if we become the managers and maintainers of semi independent city states, sharing all of the tasks that are reqired to keep it all going, we can put a great deal more creativity towards what might constitute common modular components in a host of other end use items; moving beyond electronic modules (that might be built up to any audio, visual, or computational item), to that of motors, or pumps, or power applicators of all types that might be easily constructed of common components made in automated factories. Certainly a host of construction components could also be so formulated; even those for large scale cival construction. 

The idea here is to start thinking about just how possible a new economic operating model can be. A model where we don't need to rely so much on either specialized labor, or money to translate one type of output to another. As I have been saying repeatedly, what you are really talking about here is merely the application of experience retrieval, for which the real bottom line is the availability of clean energy and the free flow of information. After that it is just equitable cooperation and ensuring that participating in the management and upkeep guarantees you a fair share of what gets produced. After which it falls to you, and your own initiative, to make the things you personally need.

It's not rocket science, its just a different way of looking at things. Any more than it is Communism, or Collectivism at the point of a gun. We have the developmental capability now to move beyond those horrible, as well as incorrect, manifestations of Socialism. The capability now to truly balance the rights of the individual with the needs of the many, all within the foundation of a true, Federated Democracy. We just need to see it, and then work from that shared vision.

A closer look at Google’s modular phone prototype

It's just an early prototype, but it works!