Friday, May 27, 2016

Another Long Term Term Stress Event...

...That our current economic operating system will not be able to cope with.

Sad to say certainly as we can see it coming, but just consider the Zika virus, or the Ebola outbreak in Africa, for which we saw coming as well. And this doesn't even begin to consider how different stress events can interact with each other to leverage their effect on a cost based system, and then to weaken it's ability to respond. In that vein just consider a really bad bug coupled with the right extreme weather event(s) and imagine the possible cascade of critical system element failures.

And the really sad thing here, as whatever combination started, is that you just know that Congress, and the two parties, would immediately be embroiled in their usual fight over money, and who would end up providing it; perhaps eventually coming up with a plan, but one that would likely be too little too late.

Because Capitalism has not only made human labor as a commodity obsolete, and plunged us into a multi faceted fantasy of constant marketing, but also made responding to pretty much any thing important a guaranteed cat fight over how to pay for it, it has made itself both obsolete and dangerously obstructive. As such we must begin immediately to find an alternative, and figure out how to implement it. The stakes are simply too high to do otherwise.

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