Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Block Chain: Revolutionary As a Distributed, Self Sustaining, Transaction System...

...Is still simply another aspect of the greater revolution of electrified information storage, and retrieval.

What actually makes it note worthy, other than it's independently maintained security, is the fact that it further illustrates that information, and our ability to interact with it, is what creates and maintains value; a situation for which any further reliance on a commercial commodity form of social organization is not only quite unnecessary, but actually quite destructively counter productive.

How can this be otherwise when that very commercial/commodity form of organization exists solely to not only restrict the flow of information, but to allow a few to accumulate vast stores of it via net gain, doling it out only benefits them.

And rather than celebrate the idea that this form of information transaction will protect the movement of information as money, we ought to be looking deeper. We ought to be seeing this as just one more indication that the economic operating system that got us here has now been surpassed by its own ingenuity.

Just as event driven programming surpassed command line approaches, and then object based abstraction replaced repeatedly coded approaches to similar outcomes; as well to as how pure Dos was replaced by Windows and desk top visualizations, and further advances in chips, boards, and their architectures required completely new ways to create and organize interactive objects in an operating system, so to must this very old economic operating system change. Only in this case it will take a great deal more than simply adding a few upgrades, and/or fixes.

It is now time to start over. To go back and reanalyze what the requirements are, and then to see what might be the best way to meet those requirements. Anything less is either denial, and/or willful ignorance.

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Blockchain technology will revolutionise far more than money: it will change your life. Here’s how it actually works

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