Monday, April 25, 2016

If You Have Become Prone to Rashes...

...It usually means there is an irritant you are not paying sufficient attention to. That we now have our weather clergy using these kinds of euphemisms is an even worse sign.

It ought to raise alarm bells just as the euphemisms the economic clergy use should. And you see this in the article linked to here. Just as the economists start talking in terms of "dislocations," and "readjustment pain," the article here refers to "large hail, thunderstorms, and twisters" as a "bumpy week ahead."

So. Just remember that, if your car gets pounded by baseball sized hail, or you lose power for who knows how long in thunderstorms, or your entire neighborhood, or town gets ripped apart by a tornado, you are only having a bumpy week. And hopefully, any economic effects will be only minor dislocations, and/or brief periods of readjustment pain.

Rash of Severe Weather Promises Thunderstorms, Large Hail, Twisters