Friday, April 15, 2016

Greed Pure and Simple

When you read this article about how drug prices keep rising you are struck by one simple fact: Brazen, shameless greed is alive and well in the United States; obviously because the drug industry doesn't have to take any of its own prescription medicines.

The taking over of older drugs. The price hikes on them, as well as for newer ones. The fact that we're spending over $300 billion a year on these drugs alone, within the medical care sector, and that this is likely to continue well beyond anything to do with ordinary inflation.

It is not only unconscionable, it is a prescription for the selfish to make socially viable health care impossible; especially as we continue to destroy a healthy middle class by other economic acts of self interest taken to the extremes of this kind; which is, of course, exactly why we can start referring to this sort of behavior as greed being a "Weapon of Mass Destruction."

And as long as you have an economic operating system that is not only based on such unlimited self interest, but actively encourages it, you will never be able to reform your way out of this kind of corruption; self perpetuating as it is with greed, and the obscene sums it can generate, always able to eventually buy its way out of any restraints.

In this context you either recognize that the operating system itself is fundamentally flawed, or you buy into, to one degree or another, the inevitability of a few being able to take advantage of the many.

Americans Spent More on Drugs Last Year: Report