Friday, April 1, 2016

Smart Cars, Stupid Roads?

This little tidbit about the self driving car developers complaining about our poor road infrastructure is another example of how tech giants pit states and municipal governments against each other in order to get their development facilities, or server farms (etc.), to vie for the lowest tax burdens possible, but then complain when things start going to shit as a result.

This is a phenomena similar to these same giants whining about a lack of properly educated individuals in the math, science, technical, and engineering curriculum, and demanding more B-1 visas to compensate; which is, of course, also related to the fact that such governments are finding it harder and harder to fund good schools in both K-12, and higher educations.

As such, I think its safe to say that this is not a case of "Smart Cars, Stupid Roads," but rather stupid tech giants unable to see the cliff of their own making, and for which they are driving us all towards.

Our Horrible American Roads Are Too Shoddy for Our Smart Cars