Monday, April 11, 2016

He Doesn't Even Understand His Own Party's Delegate Allocation System...

Which is admittedly quite bizarrely complex, but so is the world far too often now. And even though he's benefited from those rules he's now blindly ridiculing them in a proactive temper tantrum; evidently anticipating the backlash from his own, already amply demonstrated, stupidity.

And despite all of this abundant indication of the man's credentials as a certified moron people still vote for him! People who, in significant portion, don't come from anything even close to his economic demographic, and yet still think that a rich man is going to champion their interests.

Which of these aspects is the more depressing? That a moron could be sold as anything other than that, or that there are enough thoroughly ignorant, as well as gullible, people among us to still take him seriously? It is beyond my comprehension in either case.

The one thing that I am quite clear on, however, is that people should still vote their convictions and conscience; as in for the person who they think should lead, and not as an anti stupidity vote for some other candidate they wouldn't ordinarily consider. I believe this because that is what democracy is supposed to stand for.

The caveat here, however, is that those who think this idiot is the right guy better damn well be ready to take responsibility for what happens as a result of that choice.

Maybe this calamity is exactly what is needed to get them out of their own stupor and start educating themselves enough to understand the complexity the world is in now. If it isn't than voting for some lesser evil is only punting the problem down the road; hoping that this unbelievably stressed state of affairs can be held together a bit longer; a strategy that, for the most part, only guarantees that when it all finally does break, the energy then released will be all the more destructive for having been pent up that much longer.

Despite Complaints, Delegate System Has Given Trump a 22 Percent Bonus

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