Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Surprise, Surprise...

...Yet another stress event on the horizon. This one, however, has leverage potential, in the way things are interconnected, way beyond any one bad new bug that comes along.

This is a reboot of bad for a host of bugs we've been comfortably, for the most part, ignoring for the last few decades. If you add this to another Zika like virus, or some other new germ, you have a perfect biological storm of multi layered, apocalyptic proportions.

Coming back from any singular pandemic is tough enough, but you compound that by multiple organisms you can't respond to? That's fighting flu's, hemorrhagic's, and ordinary plagues all at the same time. Do you seriously think our cost based mode of operating is going to be able to hand this? Either in preparing for it, or in responding to a full fledged incident of it?