Friday, November 13, 2015

The Whole Business of Selling us on one of these Goons is Pathological

If you can ignore, for the moment, just how ridiculous Trump comes across in accusing Carson of being pathological (the pot calling the kettle something indicative of them both being a crock of shit), think instead upon the multiple pathologies of a system that makes money out of every kind of absurdity, and an absurdity our of every aspect of what should be seriously considered social interaction.

Everything we are and do gets turned inside out as it becomes, commodity, profit center, sales pitch, and the bill of goods those of us who don't have huge piles of counters end up having to pay for. And we pay for it not only with our few counters, but with the fact that most of what passes as a benefit in return is simply distraction; distruction that runs the gamut of painful, entertaining, destructive, addictive, and illusory. Anything but healthy, informative and connecting.

The bottom line business here, of course, is that, no matter how much everything else goes to shit, a few will increase their accumulation of counters because that is power in a system that values little else.

We are, perhaps, still voting for a few bones, of one type or another, that might get tossed to us. The occasional sop that makes the lip service seem credible. But as sure as those have become fewer and fewer in the light of so many critical issues that go a begging, you can be sure that, eventually, even those will be a thing of the past. Assuming, of course, that the planet allows us to live here any longer.

Donald Trump Goes Off On Ben Carson's 'Pathological Temper'