Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Hope for the Gates Clean Energy Initiative

As a long time proponent of a sea based, Tornado Turbine, approach to the production of hydrogen as a fuel mainstay, I can only hope Mr. Gates, and the leaders who make commitments with him, will consider it, along with the idea of a new, World Public Power utility.

In my opinion the two must go hand in hand, with liberal application of means based pricing, in order to get all nations across the globe plugged into a completely clean burning fuel. And as this is a considerably more integrated approach than virtually any other, it would offer a host of side benefits. Just consider:

1. The modular platform design would use a hemp composite, thus providing demand for an easy to grow cash crop for areas of the world not amenable to most other forms of agriculture.

2. The modular design would also facilitate in making more practical the building of floating cities, which we will need in very large quantities for populations displaced by rising sea levels.

3. The support requirements for hydrogen production at sea would automatically provide the key stone industry to make such floating cities economically viable.

4. The transportation requirements for liquid hydrogen delivery globally would also provide the needed impetus for a further new world, Public Transportation utility, using the hybrid dirigible blimp design I have advocated, linked together as airborne trains.

And this is only scratching the surface. New kinds of sea based space launch systems might be possible, as well as new approaches to sea floor access.

For me, as always, the primary criteria that these power brokers ought to be considering is, first and foremost, to think outside the usual constraints of where Big Money is already well entrenched. Only then will we have truly new, and globally assessable, alternatives to doing fuel as usual.

Bill Gates to Launch Multibillion-Dollar Clean Energy Initiative