Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Because Information is Gold

The question then becomes who pays for putting a tiny Fort Knox around every interface point, as well as every repository?

Ultimately, of course, it is us, with either higher prices, or taxes not spent on other needs that are already under funded. And, as this is both a "measures/counter measures" war, and a case of "whack a mole," we will never have the ultimate Fort Knox, or be able to put the forts where the thieves might counter measure next.

What we are really faced with here is another example of how the usual attempts to reform a broken system simply do not address the actual problem; which is the fact of information's equivalency to money in the first place.

Just as with any black market commodity benefiting from the very fact of having been made illegal, information in an electrified economic system never meant to be so energized becomes a bootlegger's wet dream;especially when you consider that we are talking about the numbers in various chips, platters, or the data pipes amassing around us faster than carbon into the atmosphere, and heating things up faster as well. Insubstantial in the first place, so easy to carry away, and just as easy to fence.

Cross purposes, contradictions, and whole super tanker loads of folks on a fool's errand of plugging holes that will always start leaking again, even if you could keep up with the increasing numbers of them. That, in a nut shell, is what electrified Capitalism is today. Make no mistake.

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