Saturday, November 14, 2015

A new View of the Horrible Possibilities of Nuclear War

This Foreign Policy piece on a possible new, Russian nuclear weapon, ought to make any sane person quite worried. Such dirty weapons aren't new, of course, but the fact that a major power is back to considering their construction certainly is.

We haven't been openly considering anything like this, but we have been talking about a new round of atomic weapons development. A move that has put the nuclear disarmament on a back burner that may not even be lit anymore.

Not only should we be denouncing Putin for even thinking of considering a dirty weapon, we should also be revitalizing nuclear arms reduction talks. But that is made even more difficult when you have decided to adopt a permanent war economy on an ever escalating anti-terrorism crusade.

It's all connected, unfortunately, and made worse by the fact that so much money stands to be made by conducting our affairs as "business as usual."

Putin’s Doomsday Machine

Putin’s Doomsday Machine