Saturday, November 7, 2015

Electrified facade

This is what happens when those in power can represent themselves without the fully free flow of information. And as a recent NPR story on the lack of transparancy in how police officers are investigated for sexual assault (where, even if an officer is caught and fired in one precint, he can get hired in another) has indicated, not only is the flow of needed metrics not in place, national standards for investigative procedures in police departments are also sorely lacking.

The sad part here is that not only does the public suffer, but the everyday heros in police departments across the country suffer as well. This is a virtually impossible job. Something I have maintained for some time now. We create a specialized group to take care of problem individuals for us; a group that has to form very strong bonds of intra group trust in order to depend on each other. And yet we become surprized when they tend to close ranks and protect their own. If any one of us were in these uniquely close knit groups we would tend towards the same protective behavior.

The problem here, as it is with quite a few other specialized occupations, is that we want to throw a particulary distasteful task at a few individuals and then go about our lives as if it didn't have to concern us any more; blissfully ignorant of the realities of the sacrifices involved. This is certainly why we have so far been able to continue with a permanent war economy as there have always been the few willing to man, and woman, the ramparts; something whos days are mostly likely numbered now, though, as the list of enemies grows without end.

There are others, however, who are forced to sacrifice quite arbitrarily, with their health, and/or, low income life style, simply because they have no political power (getting poison created, or stored where they live, or paying too much for needful things that might also end up harming them, etc.). Something that I see as an essential aspect of the game Big Money plays with "who pays and who benefits."

When you think about it though you come to realize that electrified facade is just another way of describing the environment of complete absurdity. In that type of system the catch phrase is definitely "The Absurdity of Growing up," and where the sane represent a failure to be properly medicated, and/or occupied with distraction.