Friday, September 16, 2016

The States Cutting K-12 Isn't the Whole Picture

They've been cutting funding for public colleges as well, and guess what. Those cuts are the major reason we have rising college education costs.

Now ask yourself. Why are states having trouble funding education on both sides of the basic and advanced divide? Is it just that they're mean spirited and enjoy putting kids into bigger classrooms, and the college bound into more student loan debt?

One could certainly forgiven for being suspicious of hidden agendas by bankers wanting needy students to take out more debt, for which they get to add to their books as paying assets, but one of the more likely candidate is simply the process of companies pitting the states against each other in the competition to land corporate investment deals; deals sweetened by tax avoidance schemes of all sorts. Deals which also proved a quite questionable, real return, to the state via the jobs supposedly created (look here, for example).

Are the businesses then the real boogey men here? Or are they just playing by one of the fundamental rules of Capitalism? The rule that says you compete effectively or you die; made all the more emphasized now that we are into the hyper competition of electrified Capitalism; where capital, and the ability to regurgitate skill, can move anywhere in less than a blink of the eye, and technology advances ever more rapidly.

That, of course, isn't the only revenue problem. The other is the right wing dogma that taxation is fundamentally flawed at the get go. And obviously, with the shrinking of the middle class, what people can actually afford tax wise is decreasing. But that just harkens back to why we've lost good paying jobs in the first place (tangentially related to why there is less money to ensure we aren't poisoned in one way or another). So, as already stated, you compete effectively or you die. So you lower costs every way possible. And thus a cycle of self perpetuating decay is assured.

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