Friday, September 23, 2016

If a Black Man in a Ghetto Gives Heroine Away...

...To promote sales, he's the "pusher man," and will be pursued vigorously to suffer hard time in jail. When large pharma does virtually the same thing with drugs like Oxycontin, not only do they usually make a great deal more money, but the penalty is simply a few tens of millions of Dollars in fines, and that's if they're caught at all.

Donald Trump says our cities are out of control with crime. Actual statistics indicate that violent crime is up in a few cities, but for the rest of the nation we're still at record lows (see herehere, and here. Despite this he now claims "stop and search" is the answer to a non existent problem. In your wildest dreams can you ever imagine a rich man like him suggesting "stop and check" all of the promotional practices of Big Pharma? Big Pharma where it's not just millions getting hooked on drugs, but the rest of us ripped off on either outrageous profits, or drugs that don't perform as advertised? Can you imagine him suggesting new task forces to police the border between right and wrong on "con man" type sales practices in other areas of our economy?

SEPTEMBER 22, 2016

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The company had been taking millions in federal grant money, burying low-income and first-generation students in insurmountable debt, and evading regulators since the early 1990s — all while its CEO and other executives personally profited from the fraud.