Friday, September 16, 2016

It Is What it Isn't...

And it isn't what it is, as Trump trips the light fantastic reality wise. And it always leaves you wondering just how much of it is Trump's unhinged mouth (His ass puts more thought into taking a dump than his brain does in issuing stinkers from his mouth), or how much is really attributed to the fantasies ruling his world view.

The fiasco at the black church, with him being corrected on what he was allowed to say there, and then making up his own interpretation of the events, and now his campaign saying one thing about Obama's citizenship, and him refusing to say much of anything in corroboration. You then have to ask the question: Does even he understand his own tendency to spew, and is putting himself in check, or is he bending to campaign staff on letting go of a favorite fantasy, at least publicly, so that the real world might not judge him quite so harshly; a supposed real world (in his mind), of course, that he will no doubt set straight once he has the power to do so.

What is especially troubling here, for me at least, is that, as obvious as this question of mindset is, is just how many of us refuse to face it properly, if at all. It's as if significant portions of the nation had swallowed the spiked cool aid and were happily spacing right along with Tripper-T. And maybe that's the real problem here. It's not the space cowboy himself, but the process by which so many of us have lost touch with a fantasy limited reality. And if that is indeed the situation the more important question to be asked here is what is that process?

It will come as no surprise to most of you that I have a set, perceptional bias, in this. From my perspective it is quite obvious what has been at work here. It is the hyper marketed, distraction is everything, predominant modality of the info sphere, and the 24-7 saturation we get with dreams so intimately involved with selling us on the mystical properties of inanimate objects satisfying every need real or imagined. As well as the ever more high fidelity depictions of one fantastic experience or another, to keep us wonderfully entertained (the selling and the fantastic depictions are, in fact, becoming ever more seamlessly integrated).

I ask you all to give this some serious consideration as the polls indicate a closer race for this election. It's not just the immediate insanity of putting a Tripper-T into the White House, scary though that truly is. It is also the very fact of how messed up the info sphere has become as it mutates under the mutagen that is electrified Capitalism. What good is an informed Democracy if it is the product of nothing but dreams and fantasies?


Donald Trump is refusing to say President Obama was born in the United States, telling the Washington Post in an article published Thursday he’ll answer the question “at the right time.” But soon after publication, the Trump's spokesman released a statement saying that the candidate concluded in 2011 that Obama was born in the US.
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