Thursday, September 29, 2016

If You Can't Hide, and You Can't Spin A Win...

...Do you actually stoop to doing the same "canned" presentation that you accused your opponent of? Worse still, do you actually try to steep yourself in facts, organized into a coherent, and coordinated package that might indicate real thinking about policies? Which is, by the way, just another aspect of being politically correct in running a campaign that might have a real chance of winning.

That Mr. Trump might be considering such a radical departure from what he's shown of knowing about campaigning so far reminds me of the story of the scorpion and the frog.

The frog in this scenario is Mr. Trump's more serious campaign handlers. And the scorpion, of course, is Mr. Trump himself. And right now one supposes that the frogs in question are trying to convince themselves that his protestations about really wanting to get across the river, and thus the seriousness of his wanting to put aside his normal proclivities toward poisoning those around him, indicating the understanding of his own supposed self interest in making it to the other side.

Others, certainly, have tried this, and were soundly stung in the process. And he has, almost gleefully in the past, shown no hesitation in proclaiming: "I am what I am." No matter of the bodies left to float face down in the wake of his departure. That he has managed to skate past the usual fate of the scorpion so far speaks volumes to the surreal nature of the campaign so far. Reality, though, like truth, can be a fickle thing in when, as well as how, it finally decides to turn and bite you in the ass. Especially to the degree you've been flaunting your supposed imperviousness to it so openly to date.

They say he's a quick learner and can absorb what will necessarily be quite a mountain of so far ignored information. Not only does he have to accept that he has to do a complete 180 degree turn style wise in presenting it like it's natural to him, he has to internalize it sufficient to indicate real understanding. Even if we accept that me might actually be such a quick study, the real question is whether he can put his ego on hold long enough to not only accept the need to be dressed up as someone else, but to to through the motions of actually pulling the act off. In this sense Mr. Trump will be going into the next debate facing two opponents: Mrs. Clinton, and himself.

Anyone care to lay bets with what the odds are here of his defeating both of them? Will bad microphones, or mean moderators provide enough spin to salvage another weak performance, even assuming "weak" is as bad as it we be? One wonders if all involved on that side of things will be looking back fondly on the "run and hide" strategy.

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