Thursday, July 9, 2015

Three articles in justaposition

Often times the best way to consider the different points of view by different authors is to do so within the light of how they contrast with each other.

The three stories, all from (#1, #2, #3), in this case are:

These all, of course, refer to different aspects of the shortcomings of a market economy. An economy that emphasises money, narrow interests, and the continence of a few to not only protect their interests, but expand their breadth and reach.

One party in the political system certainly seems to give more lip service to looking out for the rest of us, but when it really comes down to it, the net affect on money, and the interests of the few it serves, doesn't really change that much. How could it be otherwise with the money that both parties suck in from the teat of those who have the accumulations to afford such investments.

The problem here is not one set of policies as opposed to another set, and which is the best to grow our economy. The real problem is that the economic operating system itself is no longer relevant to the information environment we now live in. The mechanistic model this operating system runs on was never intended for electrified information environments, or the new mind sets formed of them.
The simple fact of the matter is that it is time to start over. Time to redefine what our requirements are and then mold a new system to meet them.

There is one certainty that one can draw upon from all of this back and forth bickering the parties do. None of it matters one bit. They are the fools arguing over how to arrange not only the chairs, but the birthing hierarchy of a sinking ship. A ship that has fouled both the water it cruises in, but the very means by which the people who keep it running can stay sane and healthy. Too many contradictions. Too many task areas working at cross purposes. Is it any wonder at all why things are flying apart all over the place?

Change is coming. The only remaining question is will the ensuing difficulty be for a purpose, or simply the result of panic and the chaos that then results. We have a choice to make and a lot rides on that choice.