Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Need work after leaving public service? Enter the exciting world of Big Bank Consulting!

And what, you might ask, would a former governor bring to the table, expertise wise, to a Big Bank, who would undoubtedly already have an army of lawyers, as well as the best lobbying firms money can buy?

Perhaps when the phrase "consulting gig" is used in this context it is the guy receiving the pay check who is all so on the receiving end of the so called "consulting?" One could imagine, after all, that a mere state governor might not fully understand how money works in the larger context of financial markets. As such, he could probably benefit form being schooled in the proper ways currency flows should operate. And aren't we lucky that a bank would be willing to subsidize the education of a perspective occupant of the White House? Wow... Such altruism... And we get another president who knows exactly where money comes from, and where it should be applied.

How Jeb Got Real Rich, Real Fast