Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Education a debt burden and then astronomical rents?

This story ought to make forward thinking individual cringe. To say that it is ludicrous hardly even begins to cut it. You need only to remind yourself that, given the pace of technological development, the skills these young adults have taken on debt for will probably be relevant for no more than five to ten years, whereupon they will be required to retrain in some fashion. And all the while they will be bled financially with obscene rent charges. Throw in the inevitable rise in food costs and you have to wonder why a person would even bother at all.

Everyone should be angered by this. Everyone. It is beyond ridiculous. It is not sustainable any more than it is morally tolerable. We simply have to stop playing the money game. It is winding us up into ever more stressed and inflexible knots. We cannot connect with each other properly. We cannot touch upon any of the aspects of life that would allow growth or wisdom. If we are to remain human at all it must stop.

As Home Ownership Lags, Young Renters Left Behind in Wealth-Building