Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The absurdity of handling the challenges of the future with a cost based economy had this report from academia: "Scientists warn genome data could outgrow youtube-twitter." And the potential numbers they were suggesting might reach the exabyte level, which is one thousand petabytes, which, to give you some perspective, only two peta's would hold all U.S. academic research libraries (By Julian Bunn in Globally Interconnected Object Databases.).

How does one even begin to comprehend creating and maintaining the infrastructure for that kind of new data load, as well as everything else in the realm of financial, commercial (as in content delivery), and government? And, as always, who will pay for it? How will they pay for it. All while still trying to find the means to rebuild after each of the ever increasing catastrophic events that are sure to keep coming?

Even an effort based economy is going to have great difficulty handling these challenges, even assuming we might be able to reduce some of the demand by taking out significant portions of the financial and commercial requirements.

Just one more thing to consider as we ponder the extent to which Capitalism is obsolete.

Scientists Warn Genome Data Could Outgrow YouTube, Twitter