Thursday, November 17, 2016

Throwing More Money At It Hasn't Helped...

...Maybe it's time to start considering, with all this money being thrown around, that money itself, and the economic operating system that supports it is the real problem. That and the fact that profit is the only real reason we have it at all.

Sure, a lot of other developed countries have done better but, just as with how Socialism in general is showing signs of strain in being able to continue, going into the 21 century, as competition gets more intense, resources get more scarce, and severe weather events increase, what do you think the long term prospects are going to be for anybody to continue to provide generous healthcare benefits?

As you ponder that I'll just leave you with the two most telling paragraphs from the article below:

"...'The United States trailed other countries in making health care affordable and ranked poorly on providing timely access to medical care (except specialist care),' the report reads. ' Problems were often particularly acute for low-income adults.'
Yet Americans now spend $9,523 per person a year on medical expenses — by far the most among developed countries. Health spending now tops $3 trillion a year. Health insurance premiums have been steadily rising since 2008 and employers, who cover 60 percent of Americans, have been increasing the amount their workers must contribute to their own medical care..."

United States Comes in Last Again on Health, Compared to Other Countries

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