Monday, November 21, 2016

The Only Real Change You Desire...

...Will come when most of us finally realize that it is the economic operating system itself that is the problem. It's that system that desires trade deals that are good mostly for the corporations that pushed for them. It's that system that desires the increased profit potential of "Supply Side" economics. It's that system that likes to offset the power of labor with not only union busting legislation, but with the already mentioned trade deals that put our workers in competition with the lowest paid workers in the rest of the world (which is bad enough, but to also face AI as a competitor, it just gets even worse). It's that system that sees any attempt to regulate industries, and corporate operations as just more layers of cost, rather than an attempt to keep us from being either overcharged, poisoned, or outright swindled.

It is simply an operating system well past its use by date, just as the original Windows would be now if Microsoft had tried to insist that it would still be good enough. When desk top systems first came out that may have been true. Just as when we were still dependant on animal power, water wheels and the first glimmers of steam power, the system based on the linear, segmented thinking of typography, was good enough. Now that we are as far removed from that as vast network complexes of transactional interaction, and the burgeoning fields of "Big Data," and self taught AI, is from the environment those former means of power, as well as ways of seeing the world gave us, we also need a new system.

The sooner we realize this the sooner we can begin to undertake the very difficult task of coming up with an alternative able to make use of these new realities; usage that is in balance with both personal liberty, and concern for the greater good. As well as to say a better balance for the life of the planet, and our own sanity.

I urge you to think about this. Pass the questions asked here on to others so that they can give it the thought it deserves, and have them pass it on as well. Time is running out on the window we will have to be able to do this in a reasonably organized way. This is so because change is coming. It just won't be the kind of change that will offer a lot of opportunities for rational thought; being as it will mostly involve a great deal of chaos and disarray. If we are to have any chance to shape that change in meaningful ways we need to act sooner rather than later.

In Macomb County, Michigan, voters are united by their desire for better-paying jobs, and an upturn to their long-suffering cities.
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